Interaction is storytelling, and storytelling is a need

Offbeat interaction models

No wow effect from touch screen applications anymore. Neither from Kinect or LEapMotion. Not again. Technology based wow-effect can’t last.

Custom development

Proprietary tools developed in-home to allow custom taylored solutions, fine-tuned to the client’s needs.

System integration

Accurate integration of software and custom built, industrial or consumer hardware.

Robust applications

Interactive videoinstallations that simply run 24/7 (until hardware fails… oh, well…)



About me

My name is Orf Quarenghi.
Born 1967.
A childhood spent between LEGO bricks and SF novels.
The encounter with my first computer (a Sinclair ZX80) doomed me to a career in software engineering.
While sadly working on DB applications, I meet the Studio Azzurro artistic collective. They needed an industrial coder to bring interactivity to their art…
A never ending roller coaster ride among broadcasting equipment, industrial sensors systems and ugly SDKs, lead by the idea that technology is a means of expression, like painting and music.