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Mocolo is a realtime video streams analyzer.
It was designed to detect simple interactions – like a visitor entering a certain area of a video camera frame – and to trigger events, but things have gone a bit farther…

Mocolo is part of the Piccolo Popolo Architecture and has been used in a variety of OrfWare projects:


To get the demo version or pricing information, send an e-mail to


Polipo is the mainstay of Piccolo Popolo Architecture.
It was born as an interactive video player with mixing capabilities, but nowadays it offers a wide variety of graphical features, ranging from sprite and text handling to complex interactive systems.
It works as an Opensound Control (OSC) server. The client application connects to an UDP port then sends commands and receives notifications.
Many instances of polipo installed on many different machines can be controlled by a single master system in syncronized scenarios.

Since its introduction,  Plipo was used in almost every OrfWare project.


Send a mail to for more info and pricing.