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Orfware projects, year 2005


Client: Famiglia Quarenghi.

Type: human being.

Place: Vimercate (Milan).

Technology: traditional.

Description: unnecessary.

Dear Elizabeth

Cliente: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: live performance.

Place: Grand Theatre (Genova 2005), Tramway Theatre (Glasgow 2005), Stadsschouwburg (Brugge 2005), Charleroi-danses (Charleroi 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectX, DirectShow, TCP/IP.

Description: a LAN of PCs manages the synchronized playback of video scenography of the performance.


Client: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: interactive exhibit.

Place: Teatro Sociale di Città Alta (Bergamo 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, Digital I/O.

Descrizione: Uno: a visitor’s image is framed and projected. When the visitor gets near to the projection, the image is affected by a progressive digital delay. Nessuno: a rotating camera frames the ambient and the visitors facing three windows. When a visitor expects to see himself on the projection, he only can see the void ambient on the screen. Centomila: nine projections reacting to visitors presence with short clips playback.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.


Client: Viabizzuno s.r.l.

Type: interactive multivision.

Place: Salone del mobile, Piazza San Marco (Milan 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, Visual Circuits SDK, Digital I/O.

Description: inside a container, eight synchronized projections compose an interactive story.

Art of Italian Design

Cliente: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: multimedia exhibit.

Place: Megaron Concert Hall (Atene 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectX, DirectShow, real-time image processing.

Description: six projections representing portraits of five famous Italian master designers. Using light torches hanging from the ceiling the visitors can “carve” the portraits and discover the still life objects designed by the masters.


Client: OrfWare.

Type: interactive installation.

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, Digital I/O.

Description: a camera captures the visitor’s image, and a monitor sends the captured images with an interactive delay.

La Libertà. Allegoria.

Client: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: multimedia exhibit.

Place: Palazzo della Ragione (Bergamo 2006).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, GMFBridge, Digital I/O, TCP/IP, Cingolo.

Description: Wind: visitors can blow on three anemometers placed in front of three big projections; doing so they change the playback speed of three clips and simulate the effect of wind. Earthquake: three independent projections are placed in front of a platform. Walking or jumping on the platform makes the three projection shake. Water: many projections are controlled by different taps. Opening a tap, water starts to flow in the projection. Vulcan: multiprojection managed by Cingolo.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.

Museo Diffuso della Resistenza di Torino

Cliente: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: permanent multimedia exhibit.

Place: Palazzo dei Quartieri Militari (Torino 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, DirectX, Visual Circuits SDK, Real-time image analysis, Digital I/O, Flash.

Description: Metropolitana della Memoria: interactive table; touching the images on the table many different multimedia stories are activated. Interviste: the presence of a visitor enables the playback of a video interview. Costituzione: sitting on a chair a video playback is activated.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.