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Orfware projects, year 2013

1953 – 2013 Interpreting the World

Client: AIIC

Type: interactive exhibit.

Place: Fabbrica del Vapore (Milano 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: an exhibit to celebrate the 60th anniversary of AIIC. Twin interactive installations. Words randomly dance around the floor. Stepping on them, they run away, to form the words of a famous sentence from a famous personality. And then you can listen to the original sentence and to its translation.


  • Davide Sgalippa – mounting director
  • Dango – video and audio esiting
  • Eletech – service video
  • Guido Rossi/GuizArt – graphic design
  • Valentina di Liddo – production and archive research


Client: OrfWare

Type: interactive videoinstallation.

Place: Frontiers of Interaction 2013 (Fiera Milano City 2013).

Role: Design, software development.

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, Piccolo Popolo.


Interaction is storytelling, and storytelling is a need.

“protoTypo” is an interactive container of stories.

This implementation of protoTypo stems for Frontiers of Interaction 2013 and tells a story of design and designers.

The tool of interaction is a humble spray gun, to commemorate the craftsmen who actually built those prototypes, and to make the interactive storytelling experience more substantial.

Spray letter clouds to unveil stories: it’s a game!

Download HQ video clip: here.

Download product brochure: here.



1913-2013 Un Tesoro Centenario

Client: Studio Vertov

Type: interactive videoinstallations.

Place: Museo Teatrale Alla Scala (Milano 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: Installation “Requiem”: manuscript scores of Giuseppe Verdi projected onto interactive parchment. Touching the parchment the user selects a chapter and the music starts. The scores browse in synch with music. Installation “Authors”: six author’s signatures engraved on a table. When touched, a clip starts and a famous handwritten letter is read aluod, and it’s details are shown on a projection.

Article on the exhibit on Corriere della Sera: link.

PromoTweetWall @ MADE Expo

Client: Promovisione

Type: interactive videoinstallations.

Place: MADE Expo (Fiera Milano Rho 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: Interactive totem. Collects and shows tweets in realtime. Visitors passing in front of the totem left a cloudy shadow on the foreground.

Museo del risparmio

Client: Banca Intesa San Paolo / NTT Data

Type: interactive videoinstallations.

Place: Museo del Risparmio (Turin 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: Two videoinstallations for the existing museum. Walk-in: a simple interactive floor at the entrance. Leggii: a touch interface for a pre-existing interactive video player. Now the user can select an historical character and choose to play clips about his life and his relationship with savings and banks.

Chili TV Windows 8

Client: Codemachine s.r.l. –> Chili TV s.p.a.
Type: Windows 8 tablet app.
Technology: Visual Studio, C#, WinRT, PlayReady, HTTP.
Description: as a part of a multiplatform team, I developed the Windows 8 client of the ChiliTV video on demand platform.


Client: Torrevado s.r.l.
Type: Interactive videoinstallation.
Place: Mediateca Santa Teresa (Milan).
Technology: PiccoloPopolo, Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, MindWave SDK.
Description: a user wears an ECG headset. His mood changes are used to navigate through synthetic video clips, driving the user to a state of meditation.