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Client: AST Vigevano

Type: multimedia museum

Place: Castello di Vigevano (Vigevano 2016).

Role: Software development, system integration.

Technology: Visual C++, DirectX, DirectShow, OSC, Piccolo Popolo Architecture.

Description: A multimedia museum dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. “Codici” application provides full acces to Leonardo’s writings. “Pinacoteca” application allow the visitor to investigate and analize the history of Leonardo’s paintings.

Done with: Studio Migliore + Servetto

Museo del risparmio

Client: Banca Intesa San Paolo / NTT Data

Type: interactive videoinstallations.

Place: Museo del Risparmio (Turin 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: Two videoinstallations for the existing museum. Walk-in: a simple interactive floor at the entrance. Leggii: a touch interface for a pre-existing interactive video player. Now the user can select an historical character and choose to play clips about his life and his relationship with savings and banks.

Museo Storico dell’Età Veneta – Il Cinquecento interattivo

Client: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: interactive multimedia museum.

Place: Museo Storico di Bergamo (Bergamo, Italy 2012).

Technology: Piccolo Popolo, Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, RS232, DMX.

Description:  multimedia museum dedicated to the town of Bergamo and the age of the venetian domination. I developed four interactive videoinstallations.

  • La Fiera (The Fair): an augmented reality interactive diorama of the town of Bergamo as it was in the XVI century. By touching a label on a legend, a path unrolls and highlights the corresponding area on the diorama. A short video clip tells the story of that area of the town.
  • La Bottega dello Speziale (The Apothecary): nine interactive drawers, three projectors above them. When a visitor opens a drawer, a video clip appears inside it and moves in synch. The clips are about old and bizarre – and sometimes disgusting – recipes and remedies of the XVI century.
  • Mura e società (Walls and Society): three synchronized FullHD 3D mapping projections tell the story of the most notable families and happenings of XVI century. The multivision is projected on big wooden blocks, some of them – equipped with motors and lighs – opens at given time and video contents seem to flow out of them.
  • Rotte Commerciali (Trade Routes): a video clip about overseas trades starts when a visitor enters the room.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.

Press Release

La Fiera – How does it work

La Bottega dello Speziale – How does it work


Museo Martinitt e Stelline

Client: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: multimedia museum.

Place: Museo dei Martinitt e Stelline (Milano 2009).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, Mocolo, OSC.

Description: Interactive museum about the historical orphanage of the city of Milan.

Photo: Giorgia Lupi, Corriere della Sera.

Photo: Ente Museo

Museo A.T.B.

Client: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: permanent multimedia exhibit.

Place: Azienda Trasporti Bergamo (Bergamo 2007).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, TCP/IP, Realtime image analysis.

Description: multimedia exhibit on the history of ATB.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.

Museo Diffuso della Resistenza di Torino

Cliente: N!03 s.r.l.

Type: permanent multimedia exhibit.

Place: Palazzo dei Quartieri Militari (Torino 2005).

Technology: Visual C++, DirectShow, DirectX, Visual Circuits SDK, Real-time image analysis, Digital I/O, Flash.

Description: Metropolitana della Memoria: interactive table; touching the images on the table many different multimedia stories are activated. Interviste: the presence of a visitor enables the playback of a video interview. Costituzione: sitting on a chair a video playback is activated.

Photo: Federico Ambrosi.

Museo Audiovisivo della Resistenza di Fosdinovo

Client: Studio Azzurro Produzioni s.r.l.

Type: permanent interactive installation.

Place: Museo Audiovisivo della Resistenza (Sarzana 2000).

Technology: Visual C++, Visual Circuits SDK, Digital I/O.

Description: six couples of interactive projections, each playing interview to anti-fascist partisans.