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Client: Salini Impregilo

Type: multimedia exhibit

Place: Palazzo della Triennale (Milan 2016).

Role: Interaction design, design, software development, system integration.

Technology: Visual C++, DirectX, DirectShow, OSC, Piccolo Popolo Architecture.

Description: Multimedia exhibit for Salini Impregilo 110th anniversary. OrfWare realized two interactive exhibits: “Salini nel Mondo” and “Futuro”.

Done with: LeftLoft

Geox Nebula

Client: Geox–>M-Cube

Type: interactive showcase.

Place: Geox Store di via Torino (Milan 2015).

Role: Design, software development, set up.

Technology: Visual C++, C#, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, DAO, Mocolo, Piccolo Popolo.

Description: walk on the footprints on the sidewalk and watch yourself walk on the clouds wearing a pair of Geox NEbula breathing shoes.

Exponendo Photo Booth

Client: MUST

Type: interactive installation.

Place: Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci (Milan 2014).

Role: Design, software development.

Technology: Visual C++, C#, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, DAO, Piccolo Popolo.

Description: an interactive photo booth where everybody can leave a portrait and a sentence about the legacy EXPO 2015 will leave to the city of Milan.
Outside the photobooth an animated tagcloud shows the most recurrent words and from time to time a sentence and a portrait took from the database.


Polipo is the mainstay of Piccolo Popolo Architecture.
It was born as an interactive video player with mixing capabilities, but nowadays it offers a wide variety of graphical features, ranging from sprite and text handling to complex interactive systems.
It works as an Opensound Control (OSC) server. The client application connects to an UDP port then sends commands and receives notifications.
Many instances of polipo installed on many different machines can be controlled by a single master system in syncronized scenarios.

Since its introduction,  Plipo was used in almost every OrfWare project.


Send a mail to for more info and pricing.


Client: OrfWare

Type: interactive videoinstallation.

Place: Frontiers of Interaction 2013 (Fiera Milano City 2013).

Role: Design, software development.

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC, Piccolo Popolo.


Interaction is storytelling, and storytelling is a need.

“protoTypo” is an interactive container of stories.

This implementation of protoTypo stems for Frontiers of Interaction 2013 and tells a story of design and designers.

The tool of interaction is a humble spray gun, to commemorate the craftsmen who actually built those prototypes, and to make the interactive storytelling experience more substantial.

Spray letter clouds to unveil stories: it’s a game!

Download HQ video clip: here.

Download product brochure: here.



PromoTweetWall @ MADE Expo

Client: Promovisione

Type: interactive videoinstallations.

Place: MADE Expo (Fiera Milano Rho 2013).

Technology: Visual C++, Direct3D, DirectShow, OSC.

Description: Interactive totem. Collects and shows tweets in realtime. Visitors passing in front of the totem left a cloudy shadow on the foreground.