Covers – Henning M. Lederer

I’ve seen a lot of videos and GIFs animating old stuff. Photos, drawings, famous paintings… funny stuff, at best.
Boring “wanna-be-a-meme” more often.

This time it is different.

I guess the 70’s were “The Age of Graphics” simply because at that time printing photos was expensive.


This guy took some old book covers from that era (stuff I remember SO well!) and animated them. Managing to keep both the battered look of the old thing and the freshness of the graphical concept. Bringing them alive in a way that makes me think he simply GOT it. Got in the mind of who did that graphics. Took it from there, made it belong to him, and evolved it in such a fresh, modern, minimalist way.

Ladies and gentleman, Covers, from Henning M. Lederer.

Henning’s website is here, and don’t forget to take a look to his Vimeo channel, here.