Orf Quarenghi

Born 1967 without a definite purpose.
He takes his time until 1982 when he meets a Sinclair ZX 80.
Dazzled, he decides he will grow up as a coder.
Even if a straight path appears in front of him, proceeding in straight lines appears unnatural – as unnatural as coding database applications for banks.
Then he adopts the pinball strategy: bump violently against everything and then bounce away.
He tries to combine computer programming with everything. Study. Music. Graphics. Comics. Creative writing.
On the verge of a TILT in 1996 a collision occurs with a bumper labelled “video-art” and then he bounces at full speed in the tunnel of interactivity.
He finds himself thrown in an unexplored area of the pinball table where he bounces furiously among museums, theaters, academies and workshops, digital video, videogames, CAD-CAM, industrial electronics.
In all this mess, one only solid idea: you must maintain your kinetic energy.