Interaction is storytelling, and storytelling is a need

Marketing, art, culture. It is always a matter of telling a story.

The trend seems to be the “connected cocoon” model.

Nevertheless, we build stuff for real places, for the here and now.

Offbeat interaction models

No wow effect from touch screen applications anymore. Neither from Kinect or LEapMotion. Not again. Technology based wow-effect can’t last.

Custom development

Proprietary tools developed in-home to allow custom taylored solutions, fine-tuned to the client’s needs.

System integration

Accurate integration of software and custom built, industrial or consumer hardware.

Robust applications

Interactive videoinstallations that simply run 24/7 (until hardware fails… oh, well…)



About me

My name is Orf Quarenghi.
Born 1967.
A childhood spent between LEGO bricks and SF novels.
The encounter with my first computer (a Sinclair ZX80) doomed me to a career in software engineering.
While sadly working on DB applications, I meet the Studio Azzurro artistic collective. They needed an industrial coder to bring interactivity to their art…
A never ending roller coaster ride among broadcasting equipment, industrial sensors systems and ugly SDKs, lead by the idea that technology is a means of expression, like painting and music.