Anima di Gomma

Palazzo della Triennale, Milan, 2011

“This exhibition centers on rubber as a material and relates of its industrial uses and of Pirelli’s research and development, through advertising that accompanied changes in Italian society from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. A virtual ball is the signifier of rubber’s own essence and reminds us of the very ancient arigins of its use. The design is conceived as a single video sculpture and the ball bounces in every direction, playing with our perceptions and triggering events that animate the walls, floor and ceilings. The exhibition opens in a long corridor with extrusions that form some sort of playground for the virtual rubber ball. The exhibition ends with an interactive installation where the visitors can play with the ball, now projected on the floor, until it is sucked back onto the wall to trigger images of a dreamlike world populated with characters to which it transmits its properties and allow to do incredible things.”

OrfWare’s role

Design, development and setup of a huge interactive room.

Done with LeftLoft and n03 for Pirelli.

This exhibition has been given the Red Dot: Grand Prix in 2013.