Dear Elizabeth

Why did you leave so soon?

@  Grand Theatre, Groningen; Tramway Theatre, Glasgow; Stadsschouwburg, Brugge; Charleroi-Danses, Charleroi; 2005

Performance work featuring dance and video installations based on a project by dancer Ted Stoffer together with musician Johan Van Kreij. This performance deals with the transitory nature of life, the transformation of our inner and outer worlds. The video images are a kind of magic mirror that reflects a transformed reality making the invisible visible while creating a symbolic milieu in which connections are made with memories, dreams and illusions. The audience shares the space with the dancers, the videoprojections and the sound and can interact with them. This intimate closeness bridges the gap between public and private and can make small incidents come to mind that bring people closer despite the tyranny of time and space.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, interface design, system integration, technical and IT setup..

Done for Ted Stoffer with  N03.