Dove Va Tutta ‘Sta Gente?

@ Vision Rhur, Zeche Zollern Museum, Dortmund, 1997

In the techno-global and interethnic village of the year 2000, the boundaries of renewed separatisms abound. The dividing line between natural and artificial, between the real and the virtual world is shifting. In this work three automatic glass doors greet the spectator, opening wide, welcoming thresholds unopposed to any external presence. But, on the other side of the glass screens, the video-projected figures are moving frantically, smacking into the solid barriers erected by a different yet seductive culture that does not envisage the sharing of privileges. The interactive device takes its cue from the complexity of human relationships and the installation space is transformed into an “anthropological place”, in which the opening and closing move ments do not always occur as expected.

Sensible ambient.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, design consultancy, system integration, technical and IT setup.

Done for Studio Azzurro.