Fab Food

EXPO, Milan, 2015

“Fab Food is a journey revealing the present and future challenges of sustainable food. It’s an emotional tour of the food chain which offers the visitors to Expo 2015 a unique experience combining creativity and scientific precisionFab Food reaches out to a young audience with games and activities. It is divided into 10 sections, where the visitors are encouraged to discover and learn all about Italian food culture and its related topics .

From one carousel to the next, we will be the heroes of this food adventure , taking on the global challenges of food safety and food security and trying out first-hand what it means to work daily to improve the nutritional status of the planet. Observation, exploration, experimentation – this is what Fab Food is all about.”

OrfWare’s role

Design, development and setup many videoinstallations.

Food Jukebox
Selecting a beverage or a food sets off an imaginative simulation of the various manufacturing processes involved in making it.

Feeding the Planet
We discover a planet which is out of synch and use a gaming station to try to put things right through a series of concrete actions. The real challenge is to manage to make the best choices taking into account all the factors involved

Growing Hits
Using all of our precision skills, we try to help crops and farm animals thrive, discovering that food production is not as simple as it appears.

Safety first
We step into the shoes of industry and have to put into order the processing steps that make for safe products.

The scale of balance
Before saying goodbye to Fab Food, we all leave our mark to show the way to sustainable food.

Done with Museo Nazionale  della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci for Confindustria.