Il Fuoco, l’Acqua, l’Ombra

@ KHA, Bonn, 1998

Inspired by Tarkovskij’s work and the images of nature often found in his films, this piece is about the discovery of the fantastic within the real, and the infinite manifestations of the visible. A platform is placed in the centre of a very dark space, suspended above the floor so that it can tilt in order to simulate movement, as if it were a raft projected into the void. The dancers have no chance of escaping. They are surrounded by total nothingness, they are shipwreck victims on a difficult voyage: through their recollections they must reconstruct the presence of a lost nature and thus recreate the conditions for their own very difficult survival.

Dance-Theatre representation.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, design consultancy, system integration, technical and IT setup, live performance operator.

Done for Studio Azzurro.