Il Giardino delle Anime

@ newMetropolis Museum, Amsterdam, 1997

An expanse of electronic water. Something, very soon, is bound to happen. While the feet continue to stick to the watery surface, it moves, ripples, lights up, and a figure starts to take shape among the little waves. This is a birth. The images, like virtual twins of real bodies, come to life following a narrative structure that harks back to the myth of Theseus and Ariadne. The bodies re-emerge, perform their actions and stop, awaiting another passage. Thus the dance of steps begins, respectful, careful, and gradually becoming more and more hurried and fretful. The music envelops the space and the spectator in a wave of changing and intermingling sounds.

Immersive ambient.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, design consultancy, system integration, technical and IT setup..

Done for Studio Azzurro.