Il Gorgo

(nessun mare è troppo profondo)

@ GNAM, Rome, 1998

A gangplank is thrown over a deep vertical abyss, that opens up over the void between two cement walls; on the bottom, like a curious and observant blue eye, sits the liquid spiral of blue light of the eternally moving whirlpool. The visitors cross the narrow metal strip of the bridge, throw a glance beyond the protective barrier into the empty space and, as if playing with echoes, shout: “to see what happens”. Then in the whirlpool at the bottom of the pit, following the spiral motion of the water vortex, a figure will appear to the onlookers and then, drawing energy from its circular motion, it will dart upwards towards the audience, as if attempting to grab at them or as a way of escaping the luminous shadows down there at the bottom of the pit.

Interactive videoinstallation.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, design consultancy, system integration, technical and IT setup.

Done for Studio Azzurro.