(Primo naufragio del pensiero)

@Pisa, 1997

Three large parachutes, like clouds on which strange airy figures float, – angels maybe, fallen from favour through some misbehaviour. These earthly figures, are outlined , yet hollow within – this is why they float in the air trying to grab hold of objects, to hang onto them like shipwrecks clinging to the floating debris. It seems as if all is couched in a seeming calm until the spectator’s blowing doesn’t reach the parachute – it blows up and pitches the angel out of its opaque fluidity, the angel’s “empty” equilibrium could explode or be blown far away. The parachute – “a means of survival” – comes to life with many sounds: some soft, modulated, sweet puffings, other fierce mechanical blasts.

Interactive installation.

OrfWare’s role

Software development, design consultancy, system integration, technical and IT setup.

Done for Studio Azzurro.