La Vallée d’Aoste sur la scène

Museo Archeologico Regionale, Aosta, 2012

An exhibition of old and precious maps of the Valle d’Aosta region.

OrfWare’s role

Design, development and setup of an interactive videoinstallation based on the concept of augmented reality.

Description: An old map lies on a big table. A huge custom built trackball allows the visitor to use an augmented reality projection on the map, moving around a viewfinder. Points of interest pop up on the map when the viewfinder gets near and a zoom of what framed by the viewfinder is projected on the wall (a zoom of the map on the left and a zoom of a satellite view on the right). When the viewfinder rests for a while on a point of interest, a video clip on that topic fades in on the wall.

Done with N03 for Regione Valle d’Aosta.