Serravalle SmartSquare

@ Serravalle Retail Park, 2018

A square in the mall of Serravalle Retail Park sports a big LEDwall that does something more than simply showing ads. All around the square you fing QR-Codes that allow you to connect your smartphone to the SmartSquare system and play with it.
When idle, the SmartSquare system behaves like an old fashioned tower clock.
When accessed with a smartphone, SmartSquare offers three interactive multiplayer games.

Io Suono Qui is a game that dresses the Square as a jungle, a wood or a farm, whichever scenario you choose. Then it allows you to populate the square with interactive avatars and their voices, dynamically moved around the square using a custom audio spatialization system.

Hexagon is a multiplayer maze game where you have to collect “pills” faster than your opponents. Your smartphone becomes a sort of RC remote control – and moving around your pawn isn’t as easy as you can thing, challenging game!

You Draw is a very simple collaborative blackboard

OrfWare’s role

IT hardware & software design, consultancy and setup. Software development, setup and fine tuning.

Done for Aedes Siiq with Arch. Andrea Bosio , Elia Gardella and BloomDesign.

Photos by Arch. Andrea Bosio.