Unreal Felloship: Storytelling

Remote training, 2022

This year I applied to the Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling of Epic Games.
Thousands of requests, only a hundred or so seats available.
And I was admitted!
It has been six weeks full of online lessons on Unreal Engine, on landscape building, lighting, animation. Live labs, head scrathcing, interacting with other fellows. Asking and lending helping hands.
Our task, by the end of the Fellowship, was to turn in a short movie done in Unreal Engine. And this also was new to me, since I’m a coder, not a 3D artist or an animator… I had to learn a lot.
Here you are my “Hello World!” short movie. It’s short, it’s clumsy but I did it with love. And boys! I learned so much!
And. I earned my Unreal Fellowship badge!