Unreal Felloships

Remote training, 2022

This year I applied to the Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling of Epic Games.
Thousands of requests, only a hundred or so seats available. I was admitted. Six weeks full of online lessons on Unreal Engine, landscape building, lighting, animation. Live labs, head scrathcing, interacting with other skillful fellows. Asking for and lending helping hands.
Our task by the end of the Fellowship was to turn in a short movie – being a coder, this was a hell of a new skillset to grasp. And here it is, my “Hello World!” short story!

After that Epic Games invited me to the Unreal Fellowship: ICVFX. 3 weeks of deep dive in Virtual Productions tech. The real bleeding edge. My fellows were top notch professionals of filmaking and I again felt like an alien – I was the only developer among VFX supervisors etc.

A new tool after years of autarkical C++/DirectX reinventing-the-wheel-every-day and a new industry.

Time to roll up sleeves.