Ready Made Experiences

As a book is a container of stories, made of printed text and images, some interactive experiences are conceived the same way: containers of stories made of video, images, text and an interaction model.
Ready to be dressed with your contents.

The Living Caption

An interactive container, designed to fill a room an convey stories made of text, images and video.



protoTypo (the missing capital letter isnt a typo!) has been an aesthetic exercise, trying to demonstrate you can bend metaphors in catchy and surprising ways.
Why should a digital paint-gun spray digital ink? How can it tell a predetermined story?
This questions were the starting point of a process that ended ina a catchy “container of stories”.


Interactive Walls

The common way to make a video wall interactive is touch interaction, a viable model when you need a giant-sized smarphone…
Before that, sometimes you need to engage the passers-by’s attention.


Photo booths

Also known as “Selfie Station”. Leave your face on a public wall or gain a printout.