Today I decided to add a blog to my website.
(well, I was thinking about that for months…)

Then I stumbled on the Linotype, gorgeous machine I felt the need to pay a tribute to. That was a good topic to start with. So, that was the topic of my first post ever.

Then I stumbled on the Mergenthaler Diagrammer (no, it’s not a swiss cheese!!).

I told myself: wait some days. It’s something too cool. Put some time between the Linotype and the Diagrammer. Spare it. Valorize it.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist (quoting “Django Unchained”).

So, here you are the Mergenthaler Diagrammer.

How can I define it? An analogic CAD, maybe? An electro-photo-mechanic tool to design diagrams?

I don’t know. But it’s a wonderful machine that will not cut a poor figure in Space 1999.